Training providers

PEG is not a training institution; we provide hands-on, experiential training in the form of workshops at branch level. Instead, we provide a list of education and training service providers, which we monitor closely and respond to complaints about.

There are a number of training options available, from formal courses offered by universities to short courses offered by institutions and private service providers. These are all listed here.

In addition, the Publishers’ Association of South Africa (PASA), in association with the relevant SETA, offers about 30 internships a year to unemployed individuals who wish to embark on a career in publishing. PASA’s internship officer will be able to provide information about the six-monthly internships on offer: visit or call 021 425 2721.

If the information below does not answer your questions, you can contact us on

Formal courses

University of Johannesburg 
BA (Language Practitioners)
BA Honours (Applied Linguistics and Literary Theory)
MA in Applied Linguistics and Literary Theory
PhD (comprising a thesis on a topic in Applied Linguistics and/ or Literary Theory). 
Department of Linguistics and Literary Theory at UJ,
PO Box 524, Auckland Park, 2006. Telephone: 0114892694. Fax: 011 489 3061. Email:
University of Pretoria  Editing: Principles and practice
Contact Mrs Idette Noom in the Department of English for information.
Telephone: 0124202421
Fax: 012 420 2698.
  BIS (Information Science) in Publishing, a three-year degree course, followed by Honours (two years).
Masters and Doctorate also available.
Contact Margaret Labuschagne, Publishing Studies Programme,
Department of Information Science, University of Pretoria.
Telephone: 0124204360        
University of the Witwatersrand BA Honours in Publishing Studies is run under the auspices of the Department of African Literature. The course can be done either as part-time over two years or full-time over one year. Seminars are held in the late afternoon to accommodate part-time students and the course covers all aspects of the publishing industry. Copy-editing and proofreading form one component of the course.
Contact Prof. Isabel Hofmeyr
Telephone: 011 717 4102/ 40
  The Graduate Journalism Programme also offers a course in Advanced Sub-editing for journalists.
Telephone: 0117174032
 Honours and MA courses are offered in Applied English Language Studies.
Yvonne Reed on  0117174161
University of the Western Cape Honours, Masters and Doctoral degrees in Language and Communication (with options in Multilingualism) and Journalism Contact:              
Telephone: 0219593746  or
University of the Free State BA (Language Practice)
Postgraduate diploma (Language Practice)
MA (Language Practice)
PhD (Language Practice)
Contact: Prof. JA Naude at UFS,
PO Box 339, Bloemfontein, 9300.
Telephone: 0514019316.
Fax: 051 401 3511.
North-West University School of Languages on Vaal Triangle Campus offers the following:

BA (Language Practice), incorporating translation, editing, subtitling, localisation, interpreting and computer-assisted translation (translation memory and machine translation)

BA Honours (Language Practice), including translation theory, professional translation, professional editing, linguistics for language practitioners, film studies, subtitling, internship work and a mini-dissertation. The honours may be done full time (one year) or part time (two years)

MA (Language Practice), comprising a research dissertation

PhD (Language Practice), comprising a research thesis

In addition, the School of Languages offers qualifications in various languages, as well as in Communication Studies (particularly geared towards the publishing industry). Various short courses in Language Practice are also offered.
Contact: Dr Jan-Louis Kruger.
Telephone:  0169103481
Rhodes University  BA, Honours and MA in Journalism and Media Studies, Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies.
Contact: Jolandi Snyders
Contact Number: 046 603 7108
 University of Stellenbosch  Postgraduate Diploma in Translation
The main aim of the postgraduate diploma is to train students as translators and/or interpreters and editors in at least two of the following languages: Afrikaans, English, an African language, Chinese, French, German, Dutch. Not all the language options will necessarily be offered each year. Entry requirements: Any B degree and an entrance examination.

Dr. H.M. Lesch

(021) 808 3573
   BA Honours in Translation
The main aim of the programme is to train students as researchers in translation, interpreting and editing. A further aim is to train students as translators, interpreters and editors in one of the following languages: Afrikaans, English, an African language, Chinese, French, Dutch and German. Not all the language options will necessarily be offered in each year. Entry requirements: A BA degree with a language as a major (and a final mark of at least 60% in that language), as well as an entrance examination.

Prof. A.E. Feinauer

(021) 808 2162
  MA in Translation
Students in possession of an Honours degree in Translation can be admitted to this degree. The desired outcomes of the MA in Translation are to enable students (a) to undertake individual research into the science of translation, interpreting or editing, and (b) to apply their knowledge in careers related to language practice.

Prof. A.E. Feinauer

(021) 808 2162
  PhD in Translation
Students in possession of an MA degree in a relevant subject field write a dissertation on a specific theme that is determined in consultation with the supervisor. The theme will be related to the subject area of translation, interpreting or editing.

Prof. A.E. Feinauer

(021) 808 2162
SA Writers College SA Writers College offers over 35 specialised writing courses, from journalism and creative writing courses, to web and media writing. The courses are all offered via distance learning, and must be completed within five to twelve months, depending on the course. All of the courses provide one-to-one training with a professional writer as a tutor. The Copy-editing and Proofreading Course teaches the basic skills and tools required to edit and correct texts professionally.
Students are provided with a manual, and must complete 23 written assignments: 19 are for tutor assessment and feedback.
Admission Requirements:
 Excellent grasp of grammar, punctuation, spelling and English usage Access to one recommended style guide and dictionary (Butcher’s Copy-editing: The Cambridge Handbook for Editors, Copy-editors and Proofreaders, The Oxford Style Manual; Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style; The Oxford English Dictionary; Collins English Dictionary). This will be in addition to the course fee. Computer skills, e-mail and Internet access required Must be familiar with Microsoft Word and the 'track changes' and comments functions A printer and scanner are required.
No previous tertiary qualification required
Koos Turenhout

Short courses
University of Stellenbosch 
Stellenbosch University offers a number of accredited short courses in different areas of language practice, including Translation, Editing and Interpreting. Specific courses include Editing Methodology and Practical Editing (English and Afrikaans). The short courses are presented over the course of one semester: students attend two contact sessions (presented over three days) and the rest of the coursework and assignments are completed via distance learning

Dr. A. Lourens

(021) 808 2160
North-West University, School of Languages (Vaal Triangle Campus) School of Languages, Vaal Triangle Campus offers various short courses throughout the year, including:
Basic copyediting: hard copy and on-screen
Basic computer skills for translators
Advanced computer skills for translators: translation memory (Trados)
Technical translation: advanced applications in translation
Subtitling: advanced applications in translation
Contact: Dr Jan-Louis Kruger at the School of Languages
Telephone: 0169103481,
Email: or
Ms Petra Lawson at the Skills Development Unit of the NWU Vaal Triangle Campus
Telephone: 016933477
The Magazine Publishers Association (formerly the Specialist Press Association)  This organisation, formerly known as the Specialist Press Association, runs courses throughout the year in subediting, layout and other skills for newspaper and magazine publishing.
Contact Nikki Ruttimann
Telephone: 0114471264
The Cross Media Training Centre
Located in Honeydew (Johannesburg) offers courses in various aspects of the print media     
1050 Printech Avenue, Lazer Park, Honeydew, 2040.
Telephone: 0117943810
Fax: 011 794 3966.
The Institute for the Advancement of Journalism
These specialist courses lasting two to five days are well advertised in the press. Typical courses address issues of reporting in particular fields, such as Education, Sport, Elections, etc. Occasionally they run a sub-editing course.
9 Jubilee Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193.
PO Box 2544, Houghton, 2041.
Telephone: 011 484 1765/6/7
Fax: 011 484 2282
 PRISA (Public Relations Institute of South Africa) Education and Training Centre offers certificate courses in PR and one-day courses in editing for PR practitioners. Website:
Contact: Chyrel Petersen or
Dolly Ramalepa             
Telephone: 0113261262       

Private providers
John Linnegar 
Runs courses in editing and proofreading, mainly in Cape Town and Sandton/Pretoria, but also in other areas on request. He also customises course material for in-house training. Contact either John or the course administrator, Ken McGillivray
Kate McCullum Offers courses on a variety of aspects of publishing
Telephone: 0214615392 or at
The Write Co. Promotes writing and offers courses in editing from time to time. The Amanda Patterson Literary Agency: Emses Suites, 128 10th St., Parkmore, Sandton.
Telephone: 0116664766 or
Fax: 011 666 4788.
Write to the Point
Offers a Foundation course in professional writing suitable for all levels of writers, with option of personal coaching. Specialist and custom modules also available. Courses delivered through a combination of online and classroom learning.
The Publishing Training Centre (UK) As well as their numerous conventional courses in proofreading, editing, management etc., this organisation runs distance courses in Basic Proofreading and Basic Copy-editing. website: