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PEG Executive Structures 2017/18

National Executive Committee

Chairperson Corné Janse van Rensburg (Western Cape)
Vice-chairperson Vacant
Treasurer Vacant
Secretary Marita Botha (Gauteng)
Chairperson: Gauteng branch Ruth Pressler (Gauteng)
Chairperson: KwaZulu-Natal Camilla Singh (KwaZulu-Natal)
Chairperson: Western Cape branch Vacant
Accreditation coordinator Isabelle Delvare (Gauteng)
Marketing and communications coordinator Vacant
Mentoring scheme coordinator Reinoud Boers (Gauteng)
National events coordinator Corné Janse van Rensburg (Western Cape)
Website coordinator Vacant


National Marketing and Communications Committee
Marketing and communications coordinator Vacant
Facebook coordinator Vacant
E-groups coordinator Kim Rasmussen (Western Cape)
Website coordinator Vacant
National Publications Committee
PEGboard editor Vacant
PEG guides coordinator Vacant
Gauteng Branch Committee
Chairperson Ruth Pressler
Vice-chairperson Melissa Davidson
Treasurer Isabelle Delvare
Secretary Christien Terblenche (interim)
Mentoring scheme coordinator Nicola Tapson
Events coordinator Benita Bohnen
Members-at-large Eleanor-Mary Cadell
Shannon de Ryhove
Bada Pharasi
Christien Terblanche
KwaZulu-Natal Branch Committee
Chairperson Camilla Singh
Vice-chairperson David Newmarch
Treasurer Margi McGrath
Secretary Brenda Daniels
Mentoring scheme coordinator Caroline Goodier
Venues and events coordinators Jacqui Baumgardt
Shielagh Bamber
Member-at-large Vanessa Neophytou
Western Cape Branch Committee
Chairperson Vacant
Vice-chairperson Corné Janse van Rensburg
Treasurer Vacant
Secretary Anne-Louise Taylor
Mentoring scheme coordinator John Linnegar
Venues coordinator Julia Smuts
Events Michèle Boshoff
Members-at-large Roy Atkins
Adele Griffiths
Robyn Leary

Administration and Liaison

Administrator Ellyn Barry (Gauteng)
Paymaster Maria Scheepers (Western Cape)
Liaison: LAMP and SABDC Isabelle Delvare (Gauteng)

Updated 2 June 2017