Become a member

Anyone with an interest in the fields of language, the written word or communications is welcome to join PEG – even if you are not currently practising as a copy-editor, translator, proofreader or in any profession.

To join, fill out PEG’s online membership form. You can read about the benefits of membership and an explanation of member categories below.

You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions about becoming and being a member.

Benefits of PEG membership

Some of the benefits of membership are:

  • Regular email communications informing members of future events and activities as well as job opportunities.
  • Participation in an electronic discussion group, which is a useful resource for requesting advice, discussing problems and sharing information invaluable to copy-editors, proofreaders and related practitioners.
  • A monthly P-zine that disseminates brief snippets of information to all our members.
  • A regular e-publication, PEGboard, covers news, trends and events relating to editing and publishing in South Africa and elsewhere and carries reports of PEG events and activities.
  • An entry in the web-based Directory of Members’ Services, which members can update as necessary (it requires an additional subscription fee). It is available to any prospective clients or employers. This is not available to Student Members.
  • Regular branch meetings and nationally convened workshops.
  • Many networking opportunities.
  • Confirmation of your professional status to potential clients as someone who is in touch with others in the profession and with trends and is serious about their profession.
  • The opportunity to become an accredited proofreader (or a copy-editor, in the near future).
  • Full subscription to Oxford University Press.

Member categories
The Professional Editors’ Guild currently has three membership categories: Student Member, Associate Member and Full Member. It is planned to add a fourth category, Accredited Member, in the near future.

Members in all membership categories are entitled to all the benefits of PEG membership, including preferential prices, and they receive regular PEG communications about workshops, events and work opportunities through PEG’s e-group.

Student Member: Students registered at a tertiary institution can join PEG as Student Members. Student Members are not permitted to have a directory entry on PEG’s website.

Associate Member: This entry-level membership category is the home of first-time members and members who have limited experience. Upon the completion of the online application form on the PEG website ( and the receipt of the membership fee, applicants are automatically registered as Associate Members. 

Full Member: This is the next category level after Associate Member. Members in this category have a competitive edge when marketing themselves and their services. 

To qualify for this membership category, candidates have to have been a PEG member for a minimum of six months and must comply with at least four of the following requirements in addition to supplying a recently updated CV:

  1. Proof of having successfully completed an appropriate academic course (six months or longer) that contains editing and/or proofreading and/or revision as a substantial component. 
  2. Proof of having successfully completed an appropriate editing and/or proofreading and/or revision short course.
  3. Proof of having attended at least six (6) PEG editing or language-related workshops, within a two-year period.
  4. Proof of extensive experience (four years or more) as an editor and/or proofreader and/or reviser.
  5. Proof of having successfully completed a PEG mentorship.
  6. References from at least three corporate clients (i.e. publishers and/or institutions) that attest to relevant work experience, satisfactory quality of output and an ability to meet deadlines. 

Applications for Full Membership can be sent to PEG’s administrator, Ellyn Barry ( or our vice chair, Alison Downie (

Please note: The process of assessing eligibility for Full Membership takes several months as all the work is done by volunteers. To make the process more transparent, applications for Full Membership are assessed by a subcommittee. The subcommittee’s recommendations are presented for approval to the executive committee, which meets three times a year.

Membership Fees for 2018/2019
The fees below are applicable for the period up to and including 28 February 2019
If you are based locally (in South Africa)
IndividualR 560.00
CoupleR 840.00
StudentR 230.00
If you are based overseas
Individual, paying from SA bank accountR 560.00
Individual, paying from non-SA bank accountR 710.00
Couple, paying from SA bank accountR 840.00
Couple, paying from non-SA bank accountR 990.00
Student, paying from SA bank accountR 230.00
Student, paying from non-SA bank accountR 380.00