PEG Background

Launched in Johannesburg in 1993, PEG is a national body with two principal branches, Gauteng and Cape Town, each run by a committee of volunteers. PEG represents practitioners who operate in the South African publishing industry, corporate communications and media. PEG is a founding member of LAMP (an umbrella Alliance of Language and Media Professionals), whose mission is to promote the interests of all those professionals who serve this key sector of the South African economy. LAMP also represents our sector on book- and reading-development bodies.


PEG’s members include both freelancers and full-timers who work professionally in any of South Africa’s nine official languages, plus others: writers, copy-editors, subeditors, overwriters, translators, proofreaders, indexers, book designers, and book and magazine DTP specialists. We also welcome those who are not yet practising but have an interest in the field or wish to make a career in it. We encourage our members to contribute towards the achievement of PEG's objectives. By sharing their professional experience and expertise with colleagues, our members contribute to:
  • elevating and upholding standards of work in the profession
  • improving the public perception of copy-editing and proofreading as a craft
  • raising awareness of a much-needed service.


PEG’s stated objectives are: 
  1. to promote high standards of copy-editing and proofreading
  2. to uphold the professional status of copy-editors and promote professional behaviour among our members
  3. to promote contact among members, the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of information on matters of professional interest
  4. to promote an understanding of the work of copy-editors among potential clients and the general public
  5. to establish and maintain liaison with other societies of copy-editors worldwide.

Member Code of Conduct

As a member of the Professional Editors’ Guild, I undertake to abide by the following Code of Conduct: 

  1. I will strive to produce work of the highest possible standard, I will accept full responsibility for my work and I will draw the attention of my client or employer to any unresolved problems. 
  2. I will be guided in negotiating remuneration by the principle of fairness. In particular, I will refrain from charging excessively low or high rates. This does not preclude me from offering my services free for a friend (pro amico) or for a good cause (pro bono). I will consider the currently published scale of fees as my guide when quoting for work. 
  3. I will strive to keep to agreed deadlines and conditions of delivery and I will inform my client or employer in good time should any problems arise with complying with the agreement. 
  4. I undertake to complete work allocated to me myself and not to subcontract it out, for whatever reason, without the written permission of my client or employer having been obtained. 
  5. I will treat as confidential all personal and sensitive information that comes to my attention in the course of my work and I will maintain professional detachment, impartiality and objectivity in my work. 
  6. I will respect all the rights (specifically copyright) of the authors – as well as of my clients or employers – of work I am handling and I will disclose any conflicts of interest immediately when I become aware of such conflict. 
  7. I will constantly pursue self-improvement in order to improve the quality of my work. 
  8. I will respect and support my fellow professionals and I will share my professional knowledge for the good of the profession. 
  9. I will support and further the interests of the profession and my fellow professionals and I will always conduct myself in such a way as to be a credit to the Professional Editors’ Guild and the profession as a whole. 
  10. I will refrain from accepting work that I do not have the capacity to complete to the required standard. If I unwittingly accept such work, I will inform my client or employer to this effect at the earliest opportunity and, if necessary, help my client or employer to find a replacement. 
  11. I will refrain from encroaching on or recruiting the clients of fellow professionals. 
  12. I will not accept any work that I have reason to believe is intended for unlawful or dishonest purposes or that is contrary to the public interest.